Streaming in 2021

Back 2 Business Canada Documentary Series Coming Spring 2021

The Back to Business Canada Docuseries is being produced by ProPics Canada Media Ltd. 

ProPics will be travelling the country and sharing inspirational stories about how businesses and communities are working to get back to a new normal. We will explore the impacts of Covid-19, speak with business, political and trade organizations about the impacts, adjustments and recovery efforts from a pandemic like no other. 

The series will not only share these stories but also sahre ways in which businesses and individuals can impliment unique solutions we come across that are working towards the recovery of our communities and economy. 

If you would like to have your business, organization or other featured in an episode, please reach out. We will be travelling the country including all provinces and territories so contact us no matter what area of Canada you are located. 

The series is being produced by ProPics Canada Media Ltd and is being funded by ProPics Canada Media Ltd in addition to private and business donations and sponsorships. If you wish to help fund this docuseries, please contact us. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

Our Vision

We are striving to share the common and unique experiences of Canadians, Canadian Businesses and Organizations in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to sharing inspirational stories of adapting our way of life, we want to feature ways in which Canada is finding Canadian solutions and ideas to share with each other and the world. 

Our Mission

Our mission to to simply offer insprational stories about and for our fellow Canadians. We want to encourage people not to give up, encourage resilience and being flexible in new ways of life to recover individually and as a country. 

Our Awards Nominations 2021

ProPics Canada Media Ltd is currently nominated for the below awards in British Columbia as this is where our main office is located. If you wish to take a moment and vote for us, please follow