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Please answer these questions if you wish your business or organization to be featured in an episode of the Back 2 Business Canada Docuseries and email to [email protected] 

Back 2 Business Questionnaire For Participants

How has your business or organization been impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic

How long have you been in operation?

What was the goal of your business or organization upon conception?

How has this goal been impacted by the pandemic?

How have you been adjusting to the “new normal” for operations to continue?

What have the financial impacts been to your business or organization?

What have the non financial impacts been to your business or organizations operations and staff?

How have you been able to adapt your operations to assist in a recovery?

Have you and or your staff come up with creative solutions to the challenges posed by the reopening of the economy in relation to serving your customers / clients and protecting your staff?

How long do you anticipate it will take for your business or organization to return to pre pandemic financial and or business levels?

Are there unique solutions which you have come up with which could be beneficial to other businesses and or organizations to operate more safely in a post pandemic market?

What are three unique ways in which your business or organization offers a competitive advantage over your competition?

What one message would you like to share with others who will be watching the show online?

What are your top concerns for your business, staff, customers, community during this time?

How do you feel this pandemic has impacted your community and our country at large, both positive and negative.

Has the pandemic impacted your community giving programs?

Is there anything else which you hope to convey to the viewers in the episode you will be featured in?

Can you share a story of how the pandemic has given you the opportunity to share an act of kindness or leadership which may not have happened without the pandemic?