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Sharing Canadian Stories and Solutions in a Post Covid-19 Return to a New Normal

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The Back 2 Business Canada Project is a 60 day project which will see a single camera produced documentary series featuring Canadian communities, businesses, attractions etc as they return to business in a post Covid-19 era. The episodes will be up to 15 minutes each and will feature the ways in which Canada is reopening and finding unique solutions facing us, in a post Covid-19 environment. The episodes will be filmed in communities throughout all regions of Canada by ProPics Canada Media Ltd. In following best practices for social distancing and safety, the series will be unique in the fact that the series will be filmed, hosted, produced, directed and distributed by one person travelling around the country and finding stories to report on.

This will assist in keeping the costs minimal while offering a consistent and impactful message to Canadians and others worldwide. The episodes will be published online each day through a new channel on Roku, Apple TV, YouTube and other streaming services in addition to social media channels. Episodes will be filmed in 4K / UHD format. With these streaming services increasing in subscribers and viewers, we know that these services currently air in over 80 countries with a combined subscriber base of over 100,000,000 potential viewers.

The goal of the project is to promote Canadian solutions to a post Covid-19 return to opening our economy. By sharing the solutions which businesses and others are implementing, we can open the economy faster and in a safe, responsible manner. We will also share these solutions with others around the globe as the Canadian economy also counts on the international economies opening for a full return to a new normal. Through this project we can also promote Canadian businesses, attractions and services to local, national and international markets which may not have been available to Canadians previously.

We want Canadians to support Canadian companies, travel within Canadian provinces and territories in order to help stimulate our markets while we have to rely less on inbound tourists and shoppers. It is also an opportunity to promote Canada as a safe destination when the time comes to open our borders to international inbound tourists and tour groups.

We will also use this project to encourage Canadians to return to business, work and travel in a safe and responsible manner when they may feel concern for their safety and the safety of employees, family and others.

As ProPics Canada Media Ltd is seeking sponsors, donors and corporate partners in this project to cover costs, we will not be charging any business, community, attraction etc any fees for being subject to any episodes. There is no fee for submission of ideas for consideration and for production, distribution of episodes for subjects of the 15 minute episodes. In exchange for corporate support, we will offer sponsors and donors logo placement in each episode’s intro and end credits. A great marketing opportunity for those supporting the project with a low cost and potential for a great ROI. Of course all supporters will also be featured on the website, social media feeds and official streaming channel.

We are seeking support for the project in forms of corporate and private donors, sponsorship, public and private grants and more. Please consider supporting Canadian businesses and individuals through this project.


Each episode will be a 15 minute documentary style format filmed in 4K / UHD . We will be using a single camera setup in order to reduce the production team to a single person visiting each filming location. Each episode will be introduced to the business in addition to a 3 minute introduction segment to the community in which the business, attraction, service etc is located. This is being done to promote communities for business and travel when travel is reopened.

The second segment will feature the business history. The third segment will feature how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the business, owners, employees and customers, clients and or visitors. The fourth segment will feature ways in which they are implementing new best practices and solutions to reopen in a safe and responsible manner for everyone. The final segment will share the future moving goals and any challenges which they are still facing and seeking solutions to in addition to how viewers can interact with the business promoting new markets and customers.

Each of the 15 minute episodes will list donors, sponsors and project partners in the opening and end credits in appreciation for their support. The goal is to release 2 episodes per day over the 60 day project. We are seeking to raise a minimum budget of $500. Per day for this project. If we can surpass the minimum budget, this will assist in increasing the number of episodes per day, the addition of a secondary editor to assist in post production and others to assist remotely in the production of each episode.

Project Goals

  • Support a safe and responsible reopening of the Canadian economy
  • Share creative solutions to challenges being faced in reopening
  • Share inspirational stories to Canadians by Canadians
  • Promote confidence in reopening businesses
  • Promote confidence of Canadians returning to work
  • Promote confidence in shopping and spending in Canada
  • Promote visiting Canadian destinations as travel reopens
  • Share Canadian businesses and solutions with international markets
  • Restore confidence in leaving isolation in safe and responsible ways
  • Educate consumers and businesses in safe solutions and new ways of conducting business
  • Assist businesses in growing their brand and customer base
  • Stimulate the Canadian economy through promotion of shopping local and nationally
  • Promote Canadian communities reopening post Covid-19
  • Increase Canadian spending to encourage rehiring and new hires by Canadian companies
  • Increase the mental health of Canadians through inspirational stories and positive messaging
  • Share updates and educate Canadians on best practices post pandemic

Budget / Financials Overview

The 60 day project will require a minimum total funding of $30,000.00 CAD. This breakdown is as follows on a per day average expense budget. Payroll will be covered though any additional funds raised over the minimum budget expense projections. If only the minimal budget is raised, ProPics Canada Media Ltd will cover payroll costs with 50% reduction in wages being agreed to by the team.

  • Insurance / Vehicle Costs $25.00
  • Fuel & Maintenance $200.00
  • Accommodation and Food $150.00
  • Equipment and Production Related Expenses $100.00
  • Distribution Related Expenses $25.00
  • Total cost per day $500.00
  • Total Cost Per Episode $250.00

How You Can Support the Back 2 Business Canada Project

  • Financial Support through donations, sponsorship etc
  • In Kind Contributions Towards Costs ie; Fuel, Meals, Accommodations etc
  • Promote the Project Through Your Website, Social Media, Mail Subscribers etc Link to the Project Website
  • Submit Your Business, Community, Attraction etc for consideration of an episode
  • Submit a business etc in your community implementing new solutions
  • Forward the project proposal to other businesses and potential supporters
  • Consider contributing through your foundation / community giving programs
  • Contact ProPics Canada Media Ltd for Partnership Opportunities
  • Post Signage in Your Business Location Promoting the Project (contact us for signage)
  • Purchase safety related items through the website as all proceeds support this project
  • Become Platinum Sponsor which will also put your company logo on the project vehicle (2017 Dodge Journey) which will be travelling around the country filming and producing the project episodes
  • Personal Donation through Paypal to [email protected]

Previous Projects By ProPics Canada Media Ltd

  • Over 100 Million views of photos, videos and reviews on Google Guides, Maps and Reviews
  • Top contributor of business information and reviews on TripAdvisor
  • Regular Video Productions of the “Did You Know” video series online promoting Canadian History, Communities Businesses and Attractions to various online video streaming services
  • Nominated several times in various categories of the Small Business BC Awards
  • Contributing Producer of segments for Discovery Channels “Hellfire Heros” TV series
  • Contributor to various print, television and online news media outlets
  • Over 15,000 regular followers on social media and online networking groups
  • Regular worldwide top 40 placements on Reverbnation
  • Awareness of community, environmental and social issues through postings on Canadian Geographic, The Smithsonian Magazine Online and others
  • Telling stories through images which impact the Canadian and International community
  • Promoting Canadian Businesses through free photo and video productions with online distribution as we believe that it is important for us to support the businesses and individuals in our community and are proud to showcase positive and inspirational Canadian stories
  • Produce unbiased reports and segments educating individuals on social issues which can be impacted through education and awareness
  • Production and ongoing updates of the website which is used by over 50,000 people worldwide to gain awareness, updates and information on the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada.
  • Over 30,000 lbs of food collected and delivered to victims of the Fort McMurray Wildfires from communities throughout British Columbia and Alberta. 
  • 26 foot Truck of Hope signed by thousands of people from around the globe where people actually signed their names and messages of hope for the people of Fort McMurray, Alberta during the wildfires and mass evacuations. The truck made 2 trips from Vancouver to emergency centres in Alberta delivering over 30,000 pounds of food and essential items for evacuees. 

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